Sat. Jan 18th, 2020


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CLS Holdings USA, Inc. (OTCQB: CLSH, CSE: CLSH) (“CLS” or the ”Company”), a diversified cannabis company operating as Cannabis Life Sciences, is happy to report record unaudited merged revenue of $1.160M for the month of August 2k19.

August 2k19 Highlights

  •  Record merged revenue of $1.160M contrast to $0.660M in August 2k18, a boost of 77.10 percent.

Broken down as follow:

  •  Record revenue from the Company’s Oasis Cannabis dispensary of $746,174.00, an 84.10 percent increase over August 2k18 dispensary revenue of $405,357.00.
  •  A 109.90 percent increase in dispensary customers, from 9,165 (average of 296 for each day) in August 2k18 to a record 19,235 (average of 620 for each day) in August 2k19.
  •  Revenue for each SF of $426.00 contrast to $232.00 for each SF in August 2k18, a boost of 84.10 percent.
  •  August 2k19 dispensary gross margin of 50.64 percent, up from 36.67 percent in August 2k18.
  •  Revenue from City Trees, the Company’s branded products and bulk flower division, of $417,908.00, a 65.80 percent increase over August 2k18 City Trees revenue of $252,134.00.
  •  August 2k19 City Trees gross margin of 50.52 percent, up from 30.92 percent in August 2k18.
  •  August 2k19 merged gross margin of 50.61 percent, up from August 2k18 merged gross margin of 34.25 percent.


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